Automation & Detection

Our goal is to make the connected world a reality by providing easy to use, easy to install solutions specifically designed to protect our customers’ investments. Prevent spills using our controllers, upon high level alarms we shut down equipment to stop all process fluids coming to tanks without costly infrastructures such as towers. We can automatically start equipment back up once alarm is cleared to save you money on downtime. Stop and start your equipment from your smart phone, IPad or computer, print out trend reports from our dashboard to see areas that need attention involving cases of repeated power failures, multiple alarms or other analog readings you require.

Our devices are intelligent controllers designed to work with any application in any industry. We are currently the ONLY M2M Company that can control your equipment regardless of distance over the cellular network, 10 feet to 10,000 miles we can turn on or turn off equipment automatically from our dashboard directives. We are also the only company providing conformation signals notifying you that your command was sent and received.

From Remote Wireless Shutdown Systems which can turn on or off equipment from multiple locations as an alarm or alert signal, to simple pump controls or alarm signals verifying a high level or spill potential. Our company represents proven applications in the field, not only do we sell, service and design, we also install and manage your sites. We implement AWOL alerts and receive all alarm signals our customers do so we know when there is trouble and help correct it. From your dashboard, request a site video or snapshot to get a 10 second clip to watch start up or check locations without even being there, also enable schedule or motion detection provides you complete site security. If you have Remote Equipment we can Monitor & Control it!


SPILL-KILL by RMC-M2M is specifically designed to remotely stop pumps when high oil or water levels are reached in holding tanks. Additionally liquid levels in batteries, power supply failures, temperature readings, flow and pressure readings can be monitored.

  • Remotely start or stop specific equipment.
  • View trend reports.
  • Text or Email alerts to multiple personnel.
  • Monitor tank levels anytime on a computer, phone or Ipad.

Never lose oil and gas revenues because of:

1. Power Outages

2. Tank Overflow

3. Salt water Discharge

4. Equipment Failure

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