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ELSA Escape Respirator


The ELSA EEBD is an emergency escape-breathing device providing 5 minutes of escape from toxic environments, even in atmospheres immediate dangerous to life and health (IDLH). The ELSA EEBD is lightweight and is designed for comfort as well as simplicity of use.

It delivers a constant flow air supply at 40 lpm nominal flow and has a elastomeric neck seal for ease of donning and can be worn by those who wear glasses or have beards. The hood is constructed of clear polyurethane for 360° visibility and is detachable for ease of cleaning and replacement. The ELSA EEBD outer safety orange bag is designed so it can be worn on the shoulder or around the neck in egress situations.

  • Pressure gauge on cylinder valve verifies cylinder pressure at a glance
  • Elastomeric neck seal allows for easy donning, proper neck fit and repeated usage
  • Clear polyurethane hood provides 360° visibility
  • Easily detachable hood for cleaning and replacement
  • Safety orange PVC coated polyester bag is easy to maintain and resists aging
  • Can be worn on shoulder or neck
  • Donning instructions printed on pouch

AV-2000 Face piece

The AV-2000 is lightweight and comfortable, and comes in multiple sizes and head harness options for wide user acceptance and fit. Totally interchangeable with Scott’s full line of air-supplied, air-purifying and communications products.


AV-3000 Face piece

The AV-3000 offers improved downward and peripheral vision as well as enhanced clarity of voice communication through larger dual voicemitters. Tested and meets the requirements of CBRN standards.


Scott 2.2, 3.0 or 4.5 AP50

Includes: AV2000, Ez-Flo Regulator,
Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Cylinder

The Scott AP50 2.2 / 4.5 is built around a low profile, one-piece backframe. The AP50 features an ergonomic fit and includes standard padding, as well as wrap around hip wings for added comfort, and a Kevlar harness with lumbar support system. The AV-2000 facepiece connects to a state-of-the-art face-mounted high flow regulator. The 4-point Kevlar net-style harness provides better face piece fit. This included Scott AV-2000 facepiece features 3 color coded sizes. The AP50 also features a redundant first stage pressure reducer system, a strap style over-center retention band permitting easy cylinder changes and parachute-style harness fasteners to facilitate donning and doffing. The AP50 accommodates 2216 psi 30 minute duration and 4500 psi 30, 45 or 60 minute duration SCBA cylinders.

Aluminum & Carbon Cylinders

Aluminum Cylinders: Scott’s Aluminum cylinders are built around the DOT specifications and with working pressure of 2216 psi. These cylinders are rated for 30 minutes in duration and have free gas capacity of 45 SCF. Hydrostatic testing is to be performed every 3 years with an unlimited life expectancy. Carbon Fiber Cylinders: Scott’s Carbon cylinders are built around DOT specifications and have a working pressure of 2216, 3000, or 4500 psig. These cylinders are lightweight, composite cylinders consisting of an aluminum alloy inner shell, with a total over wrap of carbon fiber, fiberglass and an epoxy resin. They are rated for 30, 45, or 60, minutes in duration. These variations are available: 30 min (2216 psi), 30 min (4500 psi), 45 min (4500 psi) and 60 min (4500 psi).



Extended Duration Airline

SCBA’s can be equipped with an airline connection. This option allows the wearer to be connected to a remote air source, which may be up to 300 feet away.

Supplied Air Connection 1

Scott Case

Black molded high-density polyethylene cases are ideal for carrying and storing Air-Pak Fifty SCBA’s. Cases have a two-piece hinge and replaceable latches.


Voice Amplifier

Designed to promote stronger person-to-person communications. Powered by a single 9-volt battery. Up to 20 hours of continuous operation without a single battery change. Lightweight, weighing only 5.9 oz with battery. Can be mounted to all existing AV-2000 and AV-3000 face pieces with a simple 1/4 turn universal mounting bracket.


Cascade Systems

Our cascade systems use only the highest quality components. A high pressure breathing air cascade system can be custom built to your design. Choose the one that’s right for your SCBA. Air ready and waiting for your emergency.


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